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At Extrego, we fully understand the importance of ensuring the highest standards in the transportation of critical goods. Our fleet meets all safety and legal compliance requirements, which includes having the appropriate licenses, insurance and certifications to transport specific types of goods.

When you choose Extrego, you are choosing reliability, safety and professionalism.

Real-time monitoring 24/7

Our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring and tracking systems, which allow us to closely control the location and status of the transported goods in real time. This gives us full control over every stage of transport, allowing us to react quickly to any changes.

Cargo security

Critical transportation requires special safeguards and controls. At Extrego, we employ special handling procedures and measures to prevent theft and damage. We regularly inspect goods and our vehicles to ensure reliability.

Timeliness and flexibility

We carry out critical shipments on a priority basis, always on schedule to guarantee on-time delivery. We are ready to respond quickly to sudden changes and adapt to new conditions to meet our customers’ requirements.

Modern fleet and qualified personnel

Our fleet includes specialized vehicles, and our personnel have the necessary experience and skills in handling the transportation of critical goods. This allows us to provide the highest quality of service, regardless of the type of cargo being transported. We have DVS-compliant vehicles, which means they meet certain safety and visibility criteria to be able to drive on the streets of London.

Emergency procedures

At Extrego, we have detailed emergency procedures in place that enable us to respond quickly to emergency situations such as road accidents, technical failures or security incidents. Our goal is always to minimize risks and ensure continuity of supply.

Transparency of the company

In some industries, the transportation of critical goods must meet special quality standards. Our fleet is prepared to transport such cargo, ensuring the highest standards at every stage of transportation. The key is the transparency of the company – verification of the necessary documentation, continuous certification, knowledge of and compliance with procedures. And all this to adapt to the requirements of even the most demanding customers.


GVM 3.5t (BI-TEMP)


GVM  3,5t


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GVM 40t


GVM 40t