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Carrier Zone

If you are an active entrepreneur with your own vehicles and are looking for a reliable business partner, Extrego is an excellent choice.

Our strengths

100% driving

Ability to make quick payments

High mileage

Fleet solutions

Fleet solutions package in the area of purchasing

We offer our carriers:

Application form

Fleet owned

Are you our carrier and issue invoices to recipients?

Don’t wait for lengthy payment dates. Turn them into cash online – from anywhere in the world!

Online platform available 24/7

Easy cost calculation

Offer also in EUR

Available also for small companies

Limits up to 1 million PLN

Option 1

Have you issued a one-time invoice to a recipient? Change it to cash in 2 hours online!

You issue a one-time invoice to your recipient

You fill out an online application and accept the terms and conditions through CMS.

You will receive a bank transfer for your invoice within 2 hours.

Option 2

Do you have regular invoice recipients? Consider online factoring with a fixed monthly fee.

You regularly issue invoices to your regular recipients.

You fill out a request indicating your recipients. Your recipients confirm the assignment.

You receive a monthly factoring limit. For each invoice you send, you receive a bank transfer.